Friday, June 21, 2013


Since I'll be leaving at the end of next week, I was thinking of what I want to do or get for me to bring back home to Melaka. You know, for memories' sake and what not. I've come up with a couple of things on my checklist with le boyfie, and a few for my gals! 

It is of utmost importance that I get to do this before moving back, so I'm planning things in my head, for now. Its kinda tricky for the checklist with le boyfie coz he's gonna be away all week, so I might not get to see him that much. As for the gals, I think we can manage.

I'm a sucker for making memories and all, simply because I'm mellow, and sweet, and romantic? Hahaha and because I know that this is probably gonna be the year that I wanted to remember most. 

Ttys people. I have to get back to studying now. xx

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