Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Roll monster!

Well hello, people! Guess what? I finally get to go for terawih tonight! And today was also the first day I fasted, since Ramadan started. Yeah, yeah, blame it on the menses and all. But I am excited for the rest of the fasting days, and of course, raya!!

This year, the Ahmads will be celebrating raya in Melaka. Weehoo! I'm thinking of which kuih raya to make for raya already. Hehehe. Oh my God I just love the fact that I don't have another semester to look forward to!

Life is good now. I want to be in my bubble of lazy-bumness for as long as I could. So.... high five on doing nothing? Yeay!

Oh, on other news, I'm almost done watching Pretty Little Liars until the current episode, I need new series to watch. Any recommendations?

Meanwhile, just excuse me and my selfies. Too much time on my hand these days.

Presenting.... The Roll Monster!

Muka mintak pelempang. Blerghh. Who cares... I'm THAT bored.

Will talk soon. xx

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