Friday, July 12, 2013

The third day of Ramadan

Hello again, people! I've been missing again these days, for far too long, I know. But hey, being home always does that to me. I wouldn't know what to write about anyways, its been a whirlwind of trying to settle down, unpacking, taking care of stuffs these two weeks. And also yeah, the fasting month is here!

More than that, I'm excited about finally getting to spend fasting month in Melaka with my family. I'm looking forward to one month of Raya, doing nothing! I know I'm supposed to be job-hunting and all, but I just love how things are right now. I love the unemployed me. But it seems like the unemployed me is driving my muffin crazy! Well, he's gotta live with that for now. I'm enjoying myself too much to care. :)

So, pictures from after the exams?

 The Trick Art Museum, I City.

Lunch after the final paper, courtesy of Katniss. ;)

Merah, Biana and Katniss.

The usual three, Mimo, Shasho and Lilo.

 All seven in one frame!

The last dinner, and jalan2 session.

Well, all the pictures are up on facebook, as always. Only selected ones are here. I'll ttys, people.


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