Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Full-on raya

Hello people! I've been busy these days with raya and stuffs, sorry for the late update. Besides, since I am unemployed, I have nothing much to talk about. Well, aside from how my raya was, and about me coping with me being single again. :)

So, news?

We had a small raya open house on the third day of raya, which was awesome coz a lot of my friends came. It made me so happy! It feels like this is the last raya as a student and all, so I'm crazily making plans on seeing friends as much as I can. At least the ones that still wanna meet me.

Then, on fourth day of raya, I went beraya to a few of my primary school friends' house. It was a good day, coz I haven't seen most of them in ages! Who would've thought how much we all had changed over the years. I reminisced a lot on my memories from my childhood that day. Good times, the annoying times, well just about everything.

Fifth day of raya, the Ahmads went to granny's! So, now I'm in PJ area until Friday maybe. Which was why I had been bugging my friends here to meet up for raya and stuffs. Sorry Adam for bugging you to come beraya and thank you for having us! Haha. I'm planning on visiting Adeeb as well while I'm here. Who else? It seems like everyone's busy these days, so I'm just gonna call up a few friends and see if they wanna hang.

Meanwhile, I have a raya celebration event in Monash to attend later in the evening. Can't wait to see my girls! :)

Talk soon, lovelies.

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