Sunday, August 18, 2013

Part of the list

Can we just jump to the time where I don't miss you like crazy anymore? Can we just go to the part where I go on living my days with no thought of you in mind whatsoever?

Well, this sucks. I know that it takes time and all, but I don't like the "right now" part. Right now, I just miss him.

I keep on wishing the people I'm texting or talking to is him. Yeah, yeah, I miss him that bad. Stupid heart is not listening to my logic. Blerghh.

So, baby steps huh? Patience huh?

This will past. Oh this will past. And I, well, I'll recover.

Till then, you people will have to bear with my sappy whiny self. :) Hehehe

What can I do? Breakups are hard.

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