Friday, August 30, 2013

The end of August

So, 1st of September is fast approaching. With that, my birthday too! Which is in another 14 days to be precise. :)

You know how excited I am every time when it's near my birthday right? I'm gonna be 22 soon! Wow, it feels surreal. I think I have blog posts from when I was 17 in this blog. My writing changes, my relationship changes, my interests change, and I've changed too.

Sometimes I feel like I've matured a lot, sometimes I feel like I'm still a kid, who's aging.

Yeah, aging. That is becoming a problem more and more now.

You guys should get me anti-aging cosmetics for my birthday. Pretty please? I'm feeling very wrinkly and saggy now. Saggy? luls.

Talk soon loves.

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