Thursday, August 01, 2013

When it's all said and done

The thing that hurts me the most is the realization of how little I mean to you. How you didn't fight to make me stay. How you just left and make me wonder was I the only one delusional and in love with you.

Five minutes later, I realized I made the right call. Walking away was the right decision. If I'm not even worth the fight, then why stay?

Break ups are hard. But things will get better eventually.

So, I'm putting on that big smile, spending time with people that loves me unconditionally and I'll put this behind. Raya is nearing, it's not the time to be all sad and mellow.

People love, people fall out of love. There are happy times, and times where you'll be bawling your eyes out. That is just how life is. Not always perfect.

At least we're living, yeah?

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