Thursday, November 07, 2013

I thought exam days are over...

HBut they're not! Working people take lots of exams too. Namely: me. So I am back in my studying mood and habits, and I'm getting fatter because of that. 

You know why? 

I eat a lot when I study, because my brain is just too tired and I think I deserve food. 

Well, apparently I don't deserve food. 

Oh, and I'm feeling whiny now coz I'm down with fever. Sobs. I hate falling sick and I have to study on top of all that. Imagine having to shove in information after information in your brain when your head feels like exploding. Not fun, not fun.

Which is why I'm cursing the person who spread this fever bacteria or virus to me. Or maybe the weather.

But that will be just sinful. So...

I'm embracing the sickness and trying to get better. I'm taking lots and lots of paracetamol and water, i'll be good in no time.

Pray for me that I'll get well soon, people! 

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