Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Big Day

It turns out the day that I've waited for excitedly for the past three years was.....short-lived. It was my convocation last week! It was short-lived coz I was rushing here and there and I had little time to take pictures in my robe. Sobssss. I'm only writing about it now, obviously because I'm busy with my training which completes in another two weeks. Hehe. Well, back to my convo story. 

It was a very happy day for me, but I remembered feeling sad as well coz I'm leaving school and friends and now I'm gonna be stuck in the 'real world' to fend for myself. Urghh me and dramas, I know I know. Anyways, my family and close friends were there for support and that's the thing that matters. :) I also received my daisies bouquet from mom, which I adore, and the greatest graduation gifts from the Kittens! 

I can't believe after three years buried in lab work, reports and exams, I finally graduated! I'm looking forward to life after this, but at the moment I'm still in my broke, no good phase. Well, earning money's gonna take a lil bit more time, yeah?

Now off to pictures!

Half of us

The Kittens, complete set.

The family photo, dad was out having ciggs. Blerghh

The parents, and a paparazzi hand apparently.

The degree. Oh finally! :D

That's it, people. A quickie! I have exams for the next three days, pray for me okay? Goodnight, muahmuahmuah!

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