Thursday, December 19, 2013

Of swollen lymph nodes and what not

Hey people! I am typing excitedly coz I'm going back to Melaka tomorrow! Goshh I miss my family so muchhh. And my two baby kittens as well! Oh yes, I have kittens now. Well, mom decided to have em, so there you go. :)

Anyways, I was down with fever a couple of days ago and my lymph node is swollen and wont go back to normal. Which is worrying, since two weeks ago I experienced the same thing. But thank God my annoying headache got better, or else I would've cried and cried like a baby. Tsktsktsk. What a sight.

I hope by the time I reach home tomorrow, the nodes wont be swollen ad much. Or else, I need to go see the doctor again. Which is a hassle! Well, have to have to. Can't afford to get sick. 

Sleep first, babies. Talk soon. 

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