Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Vday

So I woke up this morning, alone in bed. That pretty much sums up the story of how my Valentine's was. I had a very horrible day yesterday. Even from the day before, then it continued on to the end of yesterday. With a lot of stuffs happening on board yesterday's flight, the trouble I'm about to face because of that, everything just wasn't going right for me. Initially I wanted to at least go out and have dinner with my friends if I finished work early and so on, but.... I got home pretty late, lose all my will to get mad, I was just too tired, so I went to bed instead.

It was only this morning that I realized I need to really rely and depend on someone sometimes. I was having a really hard time yesterday, so I wanted to vent and have someone tell me that everything's okay. But when I looked and looked, I discovered that I don't have the right candidate for just that. Most of the time, I always end up pushing the people who cares about me away. Then finally, I am left with just me to deal with my own mess.

Ughh, it always frustrates me when I need a hug, no one is there to give me one. Not even my cuddle buddy. Hahaha, I'm big on hugs, so?

Which further got me to conclude that I need a new cuddle buddy, one that is more safe and committed. Maybe it's time for a new boyfriend? Sighhh. If only I have enough will power to put enough effort in dating, but I know I'm just way too lazy to be dealing with complicated stuffs now.

That leaves me with the option of? Okay I still have no solution for this. Shall deliberate on this more.

Talk soon, loves. Gotta go get ready for work.

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