Friday, March 14, 2014

My industry

Hello, people! I'm enjoying my day off so far, just lying in bed, eating fatty, greasy, creamy stuffs and indulging in gossip sesh with my gal back in Seremban. One rest day, one day off before five days of work?? Oh, I shall make full use of my time then. Hehehe, which is why I'm thinking of going out tomorrow! After doing laundry and cleaning, that is. I'm a lil behind on that, so.....

Well, last night's flight to somewhere in India was pretty interesting, as I get to talk and talk and dish with my leading crew about how it is so hard to meet a decent guy nowadays. ESPECIALLY in our industry. According to stories I heard from senior crews, and personal experiences, I find the common assumptions about pilots being assholes are true. Common assumptions about crews being materialistic, and going after pilots are true as well. 

That is a very general assumption, though. 

I have encountered pilots that are so well-mannered, good, that it breaks my heart that they're attached. I have also met crews who are genuinely kind and are independent women that I aspire to be like them. 

In all fairness, I think it doesn't matter which industry a person is from. If he's an asshole, he's an asshole. If she's a bitch, she's a bitch. There's no saying for sure if a person is from the airlines industry, he/she will possess certain traits. People's perception isn't gonna change, and people will always judge, no matter what. 

One thing I know for sure, regardless which industry we're talking about, the common denominator for women going after men is money. 

I mean, who doesn't like shiny, expensive stuffs, right?

But.... It sure as hell feels good if it's coming from your own pocket. No strings attached and all. :)

Just a lil something to ponder about. Hehehe. Since I still find my industry a lil crazy, and I still am discovering shocking things people do here and there. 

Talk soon, loves. 

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