Monday, May 19, 2014

All the little things

People! I am now in Sunway, at my old place in the company of Mimo and Lilo. Had a great time catching up with them and stuffs, but kinda sad that they'll be leaving this place soon. :( 

For one, where will I crash next time I'm here??? 

Hahaha. Okay, that's not true, I'll always have a place to crash here at my granny's. 

Lemme start again. For one, I cannot see them whenever I want to anymore! Mimo will be back to Terengganu, and Lilo will be back in Semenyih. Now all of us will be in a long distance relationship. Sobs. I hate LDR, coz I'm such a physical kinda person. 

And then, there's this fact that they're graduating! I'm happy for them, and excited that they'll be joining the boring adult life soon. Hahaha, it makes me feel like all of us are so old now. Dangg, time really flies. 

I'm kinda worried that we'll grow apart with distance, which makes me so sad...

I hope we don't, though. 

We could always go back to this restaurant when that happens? Hahaha, LAME.

Well, I feel like a throwback picture is in order. :) Just a year ago, before Merah and I graduate. Hehehehe.

Can't wait for the next trip! It's been too longgggg

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