Sunday, May 04, 2014

Because I'm happy

Hello again, babies! It has been quite a quiet few weeks hasn't it? Well, what can I say, I'm just busy with work, and...stuffs. Namely being in a relationship. Part of the reason why I hate getting myself in a relationship is, it takes a lot out of you. A lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of thoughts and a lot of energy. Funny how I don't seem to mind all of these things anymore.

Because I'm kinda happy now. :)

And you know what happens to happy people?

They grow. SIDEWAYS. My weight gain is really worrying, I should probably go on a diet now. Big cheeks in my red uniform? A big no-no.

The thought of exercising always cross my mind, but.... Oh, you know me. I'm just way too lazy and unhealthy to exercise. Changing my eating patterns and diet is definitely a much more realistic option. So, yeay to veggies and fruits? :)

On to a completely different matter, time is passing by so fast that it's May already! The month where my babies are going to celebrate their 23rd birthday. Awh, they're turning 23! Oh God, I feel like all of us are not ready for this. What? Being 23, entering adulthood, everything is just coming way too fast, I feel like we need a pause button.

I hate growing up.

Which is why he and I were stranded on a mini island doing this. Luls. #lemmetakeaselfie?

Talk soon, loves. 

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