Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's normal

I was looking at my roster for this month, and then realized that I have minimum rests written all over it. No wonder I've been feeling too tired! Sighhh. But then again, all of this is starting to feel normal for me.

Work is always nice, maybe because I dont have issues with my job. I don't get stressed out, because I meet different people everyday, so thank God for that. It's just that the type of people that I deal with that play a part in making or breaking my day. Hehe.

The new airport? I like it better than the previous one, though my traveling time has doubled since moving there. The walking distance from the office to the bay is also crazy, but I'm holding on to the one positive thing there is, about that. At least it's air-conditioned. Say byebye to getting tanned from standing too long under the sun!

Oh well, I could get used to this.

But I need a break. I need more vacation days with my baby! I need to go out more and explore the world.

Ahhhh. I want to meet someone in the summer. Eh?

Hahahahahaha. I'm kidding. Okay, I'm not. ;)

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