Monday, July 14, 2014

Throwback to

Before it was me and you. I had to scroll through quite a handful of pictures to get to the point in my life before I met you. That shows two things: one is that some time has passed since then, and another is that I'm one of those girls that take a lot of pictures and pile them all up in her phone.

I keep on thinking of how things are different now with you around. 

How you make me the happiest girl, how you make my silly self feel okay every time, how you make me love you more and more. 

And I wonder if we can survive this. 

I can't remember what life's like before you. I'm not sure whether now is better than back then, or I am happier now or back then. 

But I'm pretty sure that right now, I want you to stay. No matter how difficult things might be, I want you to stay. 

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