Saturday, August 23, 2014

You don't have to try

"Wait a second,
Why, should you care, what they think of you
When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?"- Colbie Caillat, Try

Oh my, I am so in love with this song.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The thing I look forward to

Guess who's going for a vacay end of this month????? Miahaha. Thank you so much girls for taking some time off for this trip! I look forward to spending time giggling and stuffs. ;) 

Counting days to a more productive brain usage. Time to take my mind off things. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gloomy weather

Cheers to my favorite kinda weather! It's raining now, and the room feels so cold, and I'm overjoyed coz it hasn't rained in Nilai for quite some time! Alhamdulillah. :) I wish I could have more days like this. Suddenly the weather is befitting the lonely mood in Nilai. 

I'm actually trying to get a new interest going for me while I'm here. I'm thinking of getting a new hobby, which doesn't involve a person. Coz you know, those kinda thing is never healthy. Being too clingy doesn't sit well with me, which freaks me out! Like, really? Me? No way.

Well, I have a few days to figure it out. Maybe talk some sense into myself. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014


I think I'm madly in love with you. ;)

Thursday, August 07, 2014


"Are you gonna age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?
Are you going to age with grace,
Or only to wake and hide your face?" -Bastille

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The wishlist

Hello, earthlings! Too early for my birthday wishlist? Nope. It is not! One more month before my birthday, so as usual, I'm listing down things I want for my birthday. :)

Number uno on the list...
Gucci Bree GG canvas satchel. Ahhhh, I want this so bad! Coz I love slings, and I only wear slings. Hehehe. 

On to a cheaper variation of the Bree, number two and three on my list will be:

 MK Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote in navy or coral blue.
Or Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise in electric blue! 

Enough of the slings. Hehe. Fourth item on my wishlist:

Just this. Please. DKNY Westside White Chrono. 

Item number five:
MK Pave Padlock bracelet.
 Coz I haven't got a replacement for my bracelet that broke and got lost on board. Which is sad. So, I need a new bracelet! 

Last thing on my wishlist, but the most important wish of all:
For this fool to move back to KL and be with me. Coz I like having him around, in the same city at least. -,-

That marks the end of my wishlist this year. Can I at least get one wish granted this time? Pwetty puhleasee?? ;)

Talk soon, loves.
Nighty night!

Monday, August 04, 2014

I am.....

An emotional wreck. I have no idea what's wrong with me today. I started crying and couldn't stop. I just miss, everyone. I am beginning to think that this place is driving me crazy. It's a dead town, and it's dead lonely. My level of loneliness being here is just above and beyond.

Or maybe it's my stupid thoughts getting to me again. I keep on thinking that I'm seeing the end, I might just be seeing the end for me and my baby for real. The law of attraction, they say?

That made me cry even more.

In my defense, my thoughts aren't baseless at all. I mean, come on. We practically said our goodbyes already. It's the waiting that drives me crazy. Like you know it'll end sooner or later, and you know why it's gonna end, but you just don't know when. You know what I think on my worst days? "Just please, end it already!" I don't want to be too in love to get my heart smashed into a million pieces again.

Well, some say concentrate on being happy. But it's so hard to do that these days. At the back of my mind I sometimes imagine how it will be over, will I be strong enough to handle it, how long will it take me to recover this time, yada yada yada.

Stupid, right?

I beg to differ. I am preparing myself for the worst. I like having my wall up whenever people get too close. That way I can minimize the damage to myself, coz I always ended up loving too much, caring too much, it's really hard not to get hurt.

Sigh. I'm not one to go on this long when I know there's no way this could work. I guess my naive side still exists. Hoping foolishly that this will somehow work.

But we all know that a relationship is not only between two person. We all know that love doesn't conquer all.

Or maybe I dont understand the concept of being with someone. Even after all these years.