Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The wishlist

Hello, earthlings! Too early for my birthday wishlist? Nope. It is not! One more month before my birthday, so as usual, I'm listing down things I want for my birthday. :)

Number uno on the list...
Gucci Bree GG canvas satchel. Ahhhh, I want this so bad! Coz I love slings, and I only wear slings. Hehehe. 

On to a cheaper variation of the Bree, number two and three on my list will be:

 MK Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote in navy or coral blue.
Or Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise in electric blue! 

Enough of the slings. Hehe. Fourth item on my wishlist:

Just this. Please. DKNY Westside White Chrono. 

Item number five:
MK Pave Padlock bracelet.
 Coz I haven't got a replacement for my bracelet that broke and got lost on board. Which is sad. So, I need a new bracelet! 

Last thing on my wishlist, but the most important wish of all:
For this fool to move back to KL and be with me. Coz I like having him around, in the same city at least. -,-

That marks the end of my wishlist this year. Can I at least get one wish granted this time? Pwetty puhleasee?? ;)

Talk soon, loves.
Nighty night!

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