Friday, September 26, 2014

The third and forth person in the story

"Nina stared at him just for a bit too long this time, and his eyes met hers. 'What is it?', Paul said. Nina just smiled, looked away, and thought to herself. 'What is it about this man? What is it about him that makes me weak? Every. Single. Time.'

Paul is a decade older than Nina, but much to her surprise when they first met, he is way too immature to be 35. Nina had to always remind herself that Paul, is someone else's dad, and..... is in a long-term relationship with someone. Nina was not attached to anyone, until he met Mike, a few months after working with Paul.

Although Mike is so much younger than Paul, he tries to be more of a man for Nina despite his age. He is the classic 'good guy' type, always so caring, attentive, and treated her nothing short of a princess. This is also why she stuck around. It is so rare for Nina to find someone that she can connect with, on so many level. Well, Mike. Mike is the exception. Nina could not help but fall in love with Mike, more and more with each passing day.

The thing is... Now that Paul is back in the vicinity of Nina, she can't sit still. He drives her over the edge. He teases her, takes her to an emotional roller coaster ride, until it got to a point where Mike slipped her mind. Paul has that effect on her. The way he touches her, the way he sometimes pamper her like a child, the way he is so passionate about his work. It makes her adore him. The sexual tension between them is always there, but never satisfied. Nina sometimes wonder if that's the reason he's always in her head."

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Bali Birthday Trip

Now, on to my most awaited post. The birthday trip! This trip is kinda a last minute trip as well, coz we decided on the destination so late, but thank God the plans fall into place in the end. We stayed in Bali for five days, going to places, visiting temples, going to the beach, and just basically enjoying Bali as it is.

Lemme just say this first. Pictures don't do justice to some of the places that we visited while we were there. But, here goes nothing anyway...

 Well, we have to start off with the plane selfie. Hehehe. Three hours plane ride, and voila! Bali, here we come.

 We don't have much pictures for the first day as we were mostly busy walking at the busy street of Legian, looking at the shops, people, and going to the spa. Hehehe. We had dinner at this Penyet place where the Gurami is so niceeeee, and where I first tasted the Es Jeruk and fell in love with it! (Es Jeruk is basically like orange juice, only that they use local lime, which is naturally sweet and it's so freshhh)

 On to the adventures on our second day. I don't have pictures from the Tanjong Benoa with me, as most of it is in his gopro, but lemme tell you this. If you don't like crowded places, don't go there. This place is where you go to do all kinds of beach activites like parasailing, banana boat, flying fish, snorkeling etc. BUT. BUT. BUT. It's overrun with tourists, sadly. We had fun doing some water sports and snorkeling for a bit, but yeah, would've been better if the place wasn't too commercialized. Btw, photo on top is of Pandawa Beach, not the Tanjong Benoa.
 Next, we went to Pandawa Beach for a quick swim and some fun in the sun! This place is beautifullllll

 Finally, to the infamous Uluwatu Temple to watch the sunset. I love it here, it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. It just takes my breath away. Awhhhhh.

The cliff temple sighted, and also the sun, setting. We had dinner by the beach at Jimbaran after and finally called it a night.

We started our day off quite early on the third day, to catch the Barong dance in the morning. Bali, and it's unique culture. Me likeyyy. :)

Our journey after that is to places that are far, going to Kintamani for lunch, the rice terrace, and the Ubud market where the royal temple is located. So, we were pretty much in the car all the time. Being driven, from one place to another.

 We were so excited to have found this ice cream shop in Ubud! This place sells amazingly good green tea ice cream, which we used to order from Bangkok. Imagine our joy, finding this ice cream place in Bali! Hahaha. After the ice cream, we went to see the Kecak dance, and then finally headed back to the hotel.

 Fourth day, started off souvenir hunting, and then to Pura Taman Ayun.
Up next, the Ulun Dalu Temple in Bedugul. Better be prepping your windbreaker for this place, I was slightly under-dressed, and I almost died of coldness at one point. Luls. 

Last destination, the Tanah Lot Temple. Amazingly beautiful sunset! I feel like it's all romantic and stuffs, it gives me butterflies in my stomach. Hee.

Four days went by so fast, and our last day, the fifth day, we went around the Kuta beach, had our lunch and boarded the plane back to KL. Three hours of flight, and voila! Back to reality that our vacay is over. Sobsssss.

It was the first time that me and him traveled out of the country together (read: relationship milestone, right there). As our first time, I'd say we did pretty okay. He did most of the researching, which I'm glad he did, so we had a pretty rough idea on where to go and what to do. 

So, let's plan for the next trip baby?


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Ganung Kite Trip

Hello, my lovelies! I'm currently sitting in front of the laptop, supposedly busy hunting for a new room to rent, but then I thought, "why not a new blog post?". Ya know, coz I haven't gotten around to updating you people with what's happening with my life and what not. Hehe.

Since I'm running low on time, let the pictures tell the story of how fun my Terengganu trip was!

So, we made a last minute decision to go to Terengganu, set the date, bought the tickets, and off we go. Mimo is from Terengganu, and it's great coz she can finally show us around. :)

The first day there, we decided to go on an island trip! Pulau Kapas was the destination of choice, and it was nothing short of perfection.

 Our chalet was at Kapas Coral Beach Resort. We took a 20 mins boat ride from Pulau Kapas Jetty in the morning.

 Snorkeling trip in the afternoon! My favorite island activity. Ngehngehngeh.

 Me exploring the world down under. Ahh. I miss this. Though the water is not clear blue, like Pulau Perhentian, the private snorkeling and the variety of fishes makes me happy. And it's so cheap! RM25 for two snorkeling spots.

 Coming back from Pulau Kapas the next day, we went sight-seeing, tourist style in Kuala Terengganu. They have quite a number of alleys painted with murals and artsy stuffs for photo addicts to be all touristy. 

 Talking about being touristy....


Then off to Pantai Batu Buruk for fish satay, keropok lekor and sunset!

 Final day in Terengganu, visiting Masjid Kristal and getting our stocks of keropok lekor, before flying back to KL. 

 The thing I love most about the trip will be the company of these amazing four girls. We laughed, joked, gossiped, argued just like the old days. It was so nice spending time with them, after so long being apart. We're all heading in our own directions now, and life is just starting for all of us. I wish we could have more of trips like this! To many more years of friendship, kittens!


Sunday, September 07, 2014

It's hereeeeee

The month that I am always so excited about is hereee!

My birthday month.

I would say that it went off with a great start, first with the trip with my gals, and soon the Bali trip with me love. Luls.

Cant wait for some fun, relaxing time for five days!

Be back soon, people. Hopefully with tons of pictures and stories to tell. :)