Friday, September 26, 2014

The third and forth person in the story

"Nina stared at him just for a bit too long this time, and his eyes met hers. 'What is it?', Paul said. Nina just smiled, looked away, and thought to herself. 'What is it about this man? What is it about him that makes me weak? Every. Single. Time.'

Paul is a decade older than Nina, but much to her surprise when they first met, he is way too immature to be 35. Nina had to always remind herself that Paul, is someone else's dad, and..... is in a long-term relationship with someone. Nina was not attached to anyone, until he met Mike, a few months after working with Paul.

Although Mike is so much younger than Paul, he tries to be more of a man for Nina despite his age. He is the classic 'good guy' type, always so caring, attentive, and treated her nothing short of a princess. This is also why she stuck around. It is so rare for Nina to find someone that she can connect with, on so many level. Well, Mike. Mike is the exception. Nina could not help but fall in love with Mike, more and more with each passing day.

The thing is... Now that Paul is back in the vicinity of Nina, she can't sit still. He drives her over the edge. He teases her, takes her to an emotional roller coaster ride, until it got to a point where Mike slipped her mind. Paul has that effect on her. The way he touches her, the way he sometimes pamper her like a child, the way he is so passionate about his work. It makes her adore him. The sexual tension between them is always there, but never satisfied. Nina sometimes wonder if that's the reason he's always in her head."

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