Friday, October 10, 2014

As the days draw near

I went to view a couple of rooms with him the other day in Cyberjaya. I guess I was hoping for at least one decent, clean room that I can move into ASAP, so that this nightmare of me being room-less will be over. Turns out that I was hoping for too much.

The rooms are not fit for a human to live in.

And I thought only my housemates can be dirty.

How is it that my room in Nilai is so much cleaner and nicer than the rooms I viewed in Cyber??

I'm gripping at last few strands of hope here. I'm supposed to be out of this place by 1st November, so it is understandable that I am panicking, right? There are a couple more rooms in Cyber that is left for viewing, and a couple of rooms in Putra Heights. I really hope that the one in Putra Heights is liveable. I kinda love the fact that it's close to Sunway.

Anyways, remember how I was telling you guys that I need nicer hair? I went to the salon the other day, spent a fortune, cut my hair shorter and did the relaxer treatment.

The result? 

Chubbier face, of course.

And, I still don't like my hair. I mean, I spent quite a large amount of money on it, and it doesn't look pretty still. At this point in time, I regretted not getting a new watch or handbag. (-,-)

Okay, I need to go get some sleep now. Have to go earn money tomorrow~


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