Sunday, October 05, 2014

Life as we know it

So October is here already! It's close to a year since I started flying. Pretty amazing right? One year passes by so fast, and before you know it, another year is fast approaching. I know I've talked for months about moving out from Nilai, but I'm still here, in the same boring room in a house I cannot call home.

It's kinda depressing these days coming back from work, and being restricted from having a nice healthy routine coz I haven't found a place to stay. I turn on my laptop, dive into endless room ads and contact the house owners. I do that every day, but then I'm lacking in terms of time for me to go visit the house. I cant go view the room on my off days coz people are working on my off days.

That's why it took so long. And did I mention how expensive it is to rent a room these days? I'm so broke I can't even get one nice thing for myself for my birthday. I want a new watch, but I cant get a watch. I want a new handbag but I cant get a new handbag. Why? Coz I have to worry about my room deposit every single time. And coz my money seems to evaporate into thin air every month? >.<

I wish I can run away and just come back and I'll have a place to stay. Then everything will be better.

Adulthood doesn't work that way, sadly. No matter how far I run, my troubles and worries will always be there to haunt me.

Take me back to the days where I have a place I could call home?

Pretty please?

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