Friday, January 16, 2015

A letter for Oyen

Remember when you were little, Oyen? Mummy Ira almost stepped on you one night near Mc Donalds, and brought you home soon after? Granny was furious in the beginning, we never rear animals at home to begin with, so she didn't know what to do. But then you were so tiny and frail, and you are so adorable she decided to keep you. As for me and your uncles, it took us a while to get used to having you around coz we were never fond of kittens before that.

Slowly, one by one, you charmed us all. You were such an active kitten, you liked to run around the house, you loved sleeping on my bed, you loved napping in front of the sliding door, and you liked to go out every chance you got.

Remember when your Mummy Rina would use to scream your name, and climbed over the neighbor's fence to bring you home? You were in your naughty phase at the time. You would go out to all the neighbors houses and play with other cats. Your Mummy Rina, uncles and Granny would always go out to find you in fear you'll get bullied or hit by passing cars. And you always would come home. You always would.

You were your Mummy Rina's favorite. She practically raised you. She was the one who fed you, bathed you and took you for your shots at the vet. She would always scold you when you went out exploring the neighborhood. She also held your hand, held you, when you were dying in her arms.

Even as I'm typing this down, it doesn't feel real that you're no longer with us Oyen. You left us all so suddenly, it felt like it was only yesterday you were a tiny little kitten seeking shelter. You grew up to be such a beautiful cat, and earned a place in all our hearts. Thank you for bringing so much joy in our little broken family. It's time for you to rest now, my furry friend. We will always remember you as the first cat we brought home, the first cat that opened our hearts to how beautiful the feeling of having a pet is.

I am not ready for goodbye yet, Oyen. But it is something that I must do to go on with living. I'm praying that you're now no longer in pain and is happier wherever you are.

I love you so very very very much, Oyen.


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