Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And then the month is 10

One year ago, exactly on this day, 20th of January, I was scheduled to fly to Hong Kong and back. I still remember, it was only my first month flying, so everything was exciting for me still. That fateful night, I met this awesome guy whom months after rocked my world.

I am still very much in love with this particular guy, to put it simply, he brings so much joy in my normally idle life. Our journey together wasn't an easy one, we are always tested in ways that sometimes make us want to give up on each other. But, we always persevere in the end. It's a beautiful feeling when you found that someone who is willing to fight for you as much as you're willing to fight for him. I cherish what we have so much now.

Point is, no matter where this thing takes us, no matter where we end up in life years later, looking back, I would be glad of having him in my life right now. I love how we seem to grow together with each passing day, how we learn and discover the world and things about us we never knew existed before. The thing I love most is, how we make each other grow into a better person.

I wish I could just pause the time and stay in this moment forever. But we all know that that is not possible. So, here I am writing this down instead. In hope that one day I will remember and look back to this one moment in my life where I'm the happiest.

Thank you for a wonderful 10 months, baby. Here's to many more happy months to come! :)

Picture is from our Phuket trip earlier this month.

 Ahh, I am so in love with this guy I'm smiling in my sleep. LOL. 

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