Sunday, March 29, 2015

The first year

Hello people! I have been busy catching up with my series lately that I've totally abandoned this blog! Worry not, my friends, this will continue as I proudly scroll through season 10 and 11 of Grey's Anatomy. Hehehe. So please, bear with me. I need to have one post about my first year anniversary, because I've NEVER reach a year before, but just mainly to remember how I'm feeling right now.

This happy, always on cloud nine kinda feeling. I don't want it to past...

Since it's so hard for us to have the same off days a few months back, when our leave finally got approved mid March (both of us, that is) we were psyched! We chose Cameron Highlands for a short anniversary trip and we love it. Gotta admit I wasn't excited about the drive up and down the highland as I'm a carsick freak, but... it was worth the agony. :)

Pictures then?

 I took a flight to Penang to meet up with him before we drove down to Cameron. He got me my favorite flowers, Miss Gerberas! I couldn't be happier. :)

 Our first stop after a much vomit-inducing drive. At the Greenview Garden, having this Strawberry Strudel and Strawberry Juice, that saved my life. (I was on the verge of dying from carsickness, you see) T_T

 The thing at the background is lavender actually, but I think it's dying from being exposed under the hot sun for too long. The person next to me, I am very much in love with. Hehehe

 Next stop, the Lavender Garden. We had hokkaido ice cream that is far too sweet for our liking, and also fried vege! I couldn't have enough of that stuff. I think it's called water lily or something, but that vege tasted yummeh!

 I was so excited to see Miss Gerberas' family, a visit to this place makes me so happy!

 Our Brangelina moment at the morning market.

On our last day there, visiting the BOH plantations, where this guy went crazy buying teas. :P

I love how he always know how to surprise me. I gotta say one thing though, his handmade cards are the best! It's visually attractive, not to mention, so so sweet. This is the gift I love most, out of all the surprises he prepared for the trip. I remembered just being silent after reading the card, coz I'm just overwhelmed by his efforts and thoughts for me. Thank you, baby.

The anniversary gift came as a surprise for me coz we planned on getting other stuffs for each other. Remember the Pandora ring I wanted to get for myself on my birthday? I got it earlier from him as my anniversary gift. I love love it. :D

Overall, it was a nice meaningful trip for us, and it also prepared us weather-wise for Tokyo. I can't wait for mid April already! Our rosters are out, tickets and hotels are booked, I am excited!

Talk soon, people.


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