Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clearing the cobwebs

Greetings, people! How's Ramadan so far? I hope it's been treating you well. I wish I hadn't say to myself last year that I'd be a better person this Ramadan, then this will not be as big as a slap on my face, you see. Anyways, Ramadan this year isn't so bad as I managed to spare some time with the fam bam.

And, I just did my Lasek mid-June! My eyes are recovering fine, so I'm excited for first Raya without my specs and lenses. To be honest, I'm excited for a whole lot of things to do without my specs! :) Imagine going snorkeling, diving, swimming, and all the likes finally being able to see clearly... I still feel grateful that the procedure went well and so does the recovery. 

My Dubai dream however, is just awaiting approval as my eyes need to recover properly. Hope everything goes well for that one as well. I'm like, neither here nor there yet as of now. Hehehe. 

Crap. And now it's July. 

I'm supposed to leave in August. Time really flies, no? 

I feel like, it's such a short time to say goodbye.