Sunday, July 12, 2015

Always be my baby

I realized today how hard it is when things end between you and your other half. There's a reason why they are called our other halves, after all...

Imagine being together for so long, talking every day, seeing each other whenever we can, it is hard to get out of that routine. I think the strangest thing is, I feel more like I'm losing my best friend when we ended things. And that is just, sad. I felt so lost in the beginning as he was my everything. Everything in a sense that, he's my counselor, my cheerleader, my tough friend, my financial advisor, just, everything.

I couldn't accept the fact that I had lost him in the beginning, even though I knew deep down there's no way for us to make things work. No matter how much I loved him, no matter how much he loved me, we both were thinking about our families first. When it comes down to it, I think we were both glad that a decision was made, and we, should stop being in a relationship.

So where does that leaves us, then?

For one, I cannot imagine not talking to him anymore. It's not like we fought, and I hate him, and he hates me, those kinda things, it's just that we had come to an understanding that there is no future in the relationship.

I guess it's gonna take a very long time for me to stop being in love with him. It is also gonna take us even more time to transition from being lovers to just friends.

I know for a fact that I'll be loving him for a long time, and it's okay. I am always grateful that he was a part of my life once, as that year and a half was really beautiful. I just pray to God that He will ease my pain going through this.

All I need is time. Time heals everything, or at least part of it, isn't it?

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