Saturday, September 05, 2015

Where it's always sunny

Greetings from Dubai, me lovelies! :) I managed to squeeze in some time after my trip to the mall, to update a bit before I get busy with classes and all. So, how are things for you people back home?

I gotta say, Dubai exceeded my expectations! I love it more than I could ever imagine... I am just so thankful that my accommodation is smack right in the city, so it's easy for me to get around! Not to mention, the sight is just.... AMAZING.
 Well, we all know I suck at taking pictures.. But anyways.. :)
 Posh car everywhere! It's crazyyyy
 View from the HQ. Look at em planes, all parked nicely!
 The mosque visit..
The ladies for the day..

Well, one thing I need to get used to here is the heat! Close to 40 degrees, it burns my skin. But other than that, all is good I guess. Not so much different from home. 

I look forward to discovering more of Dubai though. So much to see, and experience still. Till then, miss me more please!


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