Monday, January 25, 2016

Surviving the minus

So I was really excited for Beijing this month as it has been my dream to visit all the seven wonders of the world. Beijing, has the Great Wall. I was even more happy when the operations did not remove my Beijing flight in the end, and I thought to myself, I'm finally going to the Great Wall!

And..... No I didn't.

When I first saw that the temperature in Beijing is -6 degrees, I hesitated. I made up my mind when we landed, as the temperature went down to -15 degrees. On the great wall the next day it reaches down to almost -20 degrees!

I ended up making an attempt to go to the Forbidden City instead. I say attempt, because I ended up running back to the train station and going back to the hotel. It was way too cold that I thought I was gonna die! Hahahaha, I'm a person who can't handle the cold really well to begin with, but when I'm put at a location with a -16 degrees, windy, on top of all that, my frail mind could not take it, and I ended up crying like a child.

I now understand why people wear uggs even though it looks ugly. I now understand the whole ten layers of thermal clothing and beanies and hoodies,and cover your face except the eyes kinda style.

Coz I thought I was dressed warm enough. Apparently not.

  I wanted to be comfortable, so I ditched my boots. Biggest mistake ever. My feet were frozen!

This photo is the only one I managed to take before running back to the train station. Hahahaha.

In the end, I survived the minus! Sort of. Oh well..

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thoughts to cultivate

For starters, to compare this year and the previous one, a lot has changed. I was very much in love last year, surrounded by family and friends, but here I am in Dubai now. Single, independent, and ready to take on the world.

Downside of being a cabin crew however, is being surrounded by people with so much negativity sometimes. Me being weak at times will get caught in the web of negativeness, to the point of it being annoying.

So after coming back from Singapore, having my gym card fixed, I've been spending time at the gym more. Which helps a lot! Especially in getting rid of useless thoughts, and to release stress. Now all I have to do is cultivate more positive thoughts and be productive/proactive.

It's time for me to work on getting the things I want, and be a happier person in the process. Afterall, this lady right here is turning 25 this year!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Close enough

I'll be flying to Singapore in about 24 hours! Since they cancelled my KL flight the other day, this will again be the closest for me to home. Not bad at all. I can at least get some things done, buy a few essentials, and maybe go and meet up with my friend? I hope the contact number still works though.

Finally something to look forward to, after a couple of weeks being so home sick. -,-'

On a completely unrelated matter, I wanna go and hunt for more bow rings! Can't get enough of them. I probably have less interest in designer handbags and clothing compared to jewelry. So mak datin of me.

Well, whatever makes me happy.

On another side note, any book fair in Singapore now? I'm running out of things to read. The collection of books I have at the moment is so dry it puts me to sleep all the time.

Leaving for work soon me loves, talk soon!

Saturday, January 09, 2016

The thing about being away

I guess this is why people say you dont really know what you have till it's gone? In my case, I didn't know I would miss Malaysia so bad, until I started living in Dubai. Even though I've been to quite a few places, nothing beats my home country. Here's why.

1. Our food
You gotta agree with me on this one. Malaysian food IS THE BEST! There's no arguing there. I lost a couple of kilos here, from just eating normal food like pasta everyday. I miss my rice! Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Nasi Campur, Nasi Ayam, teh tarik, milo ais, you name it. Though it's rich in fat and cholesterol and sugar and what not, it's still the best. It feels so wholesome. I don't know how Europeans and all survive on just salads everyday. T_T

2. How cheap everything is
When I was living back home, I used to complain how everything is so expensive. The transportation. Taxi is expensive, petrol is expensive, toll is expensive. Food is expensive. Fruits, having a nice meal in a cafe, all too expensive.
I take that all back now. Whatever we have back home, you can double that in Dubai. I now realize how cheap it is to live back home.

3. Post services
Sorry to break it out to you online shopaholics out there, the privilege of having things delivered to your doorsteps doesn't exist here in Dubai. Reason being, everything that is delivered here will have to be collected from the post office. An admin fee might apply to you when you go to collect your parcel. It is a bit of a hassle to go to the post office because of transportation issues, etc, and let's face it. Why should I pay for things that are getting delivered to me, when the sender already paid delivery charges? :(

It's suffice to say that I have it easy back home, which is probably why I'm missing home so bad now. I only listed three things that I find difficult to deal with, if not this will be one long whiny negative story about my current home. Because this place is not bad at all, and I love it. It's just that on some days, I really really miss my own country, that's all. A day like today.

On the bright side, I am counting down days where I'm gonna finally reunite with my family and friends. February, can't wait for you to arrive!

Stay safe and happy, beautiful people!

Saturday, January 02, 2016

That welcome to 2016 post

Well, that post is finally here! How's everyone's New Year this year? I can't believe it's 2016, it feels like only yesterday I was at home in Putra Heights hanging around in my room thinking of New Year plans. Time, oh time, it really moves so fast. Still feels surreal to call Dubai my home now. And, still feels amazing to be hopping on and off planes between cool destinations. :)

Who would've thought, at this time around last year, I will be in Rome?

I hope 2016 brings more adventures, happiness, and meaning to life. As usual, I pray I'll never stop learning new things in life and challenge myself to be a better person. More importantly, I pray that I have another year being blessed enough to be a good child to my parents. May Allah grant them good health and prosperity this year. For the rest of us as well! Aminnn

Happy New Year!