Monday, January 11, 2016

Close enough

I'll be flying to Singapore in about 24 hours! Since they cancelled my KL flight the other day, this will again be the closest for me to home. Not bad at all. I can at least get some things done, buy a few essentials, and maybe go and meet up with my friend? I hope the contact number still works though.

Finally something to look forward to, after a couple of weeks being so home sick. -,-'

On a completely unrelated matter, I wanna go and hunt for more bow rings! Can't get enough of them. I probably have less interest in designer handbags and clothing compared to jewelry. So mak datin of me.

Well, whatever makes me happy.

On another side note, any book fair in Singapore now? I'm running out of things to read. The collection of books I have at the moment is so dry it puts me to sleep all the time.

Leaving for work soon me loves, talk soon!

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