Monday, January 25, 2016

Surviving the minus

So I was really excited for Beijing this month as it has been my dream to visit all the seven wonders of the world. Beijing, has the Great Wall. I was even more happy when the operations did not remove my Beijing flight in the end, and I thought to myself, I'm finally going to the Great Wall!

And..... No I didn't.

When I first saw that the temperature in Beijing is -6 degrees, I hesitated. I made up my mind when we landed, as the temperature went down to -15 degrees. On the great wall the next day it reaches down to almost -20 degrees!

I ended up making an attempt to go to the Forbidden City instead. I say attempt, because I ended up running back to the train station and going back to the hotel. It was way too cold that I thought I was gonna die! Hahahaha, I'm a person who can't handle the cold really well to begin with, but when I'm put at a location with a -16 degrees, windy, on top of all that, my frail mind could not take it, and I ended up crying like a child.

I now understand why people wear uggs even though it looks ugly. I now understand the whole ten layers of thermal clothing and beanies and hoodies,and cover your face except the eyes kinda style.

Coz I thought I was dressed warm enough. Apparently not.

  I wanted to be comfortable, so I ditched my boots. Biggest mistake ever. My feet were frozen!

This photo is the only one I managed to take before running back to the train station. Hahahaha.

In the end, I survived the minus! Sort of. Oh well..

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