Saturday, January 02, 2016

That welcome to 2016 post

Well, that post is finally here! How's everyone's New Year this year? I can't believe it's 2016, it feels like only yesterday I was at home in Putra Heights hanging around in my room thinking of New Year plans. Time, oh time, it really moves so fast. Still feels surreal to call Dubai my home now. And, still feels amazing to be hopping on and off planes between cool destinations. :)

Who would've thought, at this time around last year, I will be in Rome?

I hope 2016 brings more adventures, happiness, and meaning to life. As usual, I pray I'll never stop learning new things in life and challenge myself to be a better person. More importantly, I pray that I have another year being blessed enough to be a good child to my parents. May Allah grant them good health and prosperity this year. For the rest of us as well! Aminnn

Happy New Year!

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