Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's talk about meaning

As we grow older, a lot of things change. Our looks, that's a definite, we ourselves evolve on the interior. We become different people. We learn, and we most definitely improve over time. 

With people, some of them mean less to you now than they used to. Some mean more to you now than ever. It's just how time works, making me wonder. 

And of course, the inevitable. How much do you mean now, to people around you? Is it the same? Or you mean less and less to them now that they have too much on their plate? To judge this is not a healthy thing to do, but to remember to nurture great relationships might be an effort worth doing. 

As for me, the same thing applies. One day, I might not mean as much to this man as I used to. Whatever I say won't weigh so much on him as it does now. But I hope that we both will remember how good we treat each other, how we respect each other, enough to be kind to one another even when we don't matter much to each other anymore.


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The tenth year

Hi lovely people!

I was so bored today from bedrest, as I'm down with fever and what not, so I decided to check up on my spiderweb-ridden blog. You know what I discovered?? One very interesting fact. This year marks the tenth year of me being on blogger!

Such an achievement, I know. Me being committed to one thing for 10 years is not me. I looked back to my old posts, how I've grown with time, and even with my writing. I feel so old now. Hahaha.

But really, nothing else gives me the satisfaction than keeping my thoughts and feelings of moments in my life in writing. I get to see how I was so innocent at one point of my life, how I could be in love with someone and no longer in love the next few months. It's funny seeing how everything changes with time. Your friends, loved ones, people close to you, it all changes with time.

What's constant in my life, and always will be is, my family. Only difference is, it grows! I haven't showed you guys my second niece, right?

Meet Nur Zarith Sofia, the latest addition to my family. Isn't she lovely?

My point is, I'd like to continue writing for years to come! My very own online diary of some sort. So that one day I could look back and remember those moments in my life, where some things seem to matter more than the other. So that one day I could remember to never stop dreaming, or never stop having fun, for that matter! 

Well, life is a journey anyway. And my only plan is to document it. :)