Sunday, May 22, 2016

Crossing things off the list

So this year, I've come up with a list. Goals, sort of. What better way to finish off the first third of the year if not by crossing one from the list?

I'm officially an open water diver! I was so excited about going diving after doing my Lasik last year, and to finally be able to just do it is just amazing. I take for granted my perfect eyesight sometimes, but to be able to relish in the feeling of doing something I never thought of, makes me feel thankful. So thankful that I have my eyesight back, so thankful that I get to enjoy the little things in life. Oh well, like you know waking up without fumbling for my glasses first thing in the morning.

Yeah, thank God. No more of that. :)

My diving trip was more of an impromptu trip, and I was so happy that my girls managed to be there with me! I couldn't have asked for more. All worked out well, I met new people, my instructor was awesome, and not to mention I had so much fun. I never thought I would return to Perhentian one day, and I did. I fell in love with the island when I visited three years ago, and returning back to the island just made me fall in love with it even more.

Pictures don't do justice, but here goes. ^^

Look at the color of the water! Best part of being in the island...

First couple of days with this girl. :)

 The remaining three days with these ladies. Amazing amazing pizza btw! Or we were just hungry?

 Nice new diving buddy. :)

 Finally, my sexy instructor. ;) ;) ;)

I am so glad I made the time, and effort and used up some money for this. The best experience so far! I look forward to my first diving trip after this! 

Footnote: Thought I'd get it all in writing before I totally forget about it. This was all from last month by the way.

Next thing for the second half of the year: Maldives, if all is well.


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