Saturday, July 22, 2017

In the blink of an eye

I remembered a few years ago, being excited at the arrival of my first niece. I have two of them now. So much of life has changed since then. All for the better, I guess. Raya this year was spent with family as well, I could not asked for more. Working here in Dubai, though quite far, has taught me to value family moments more. We don't realize this sometimes, but as much as we are getting older, year by year, our parents are aging too. It's a scary thought, really. I only hope that I've been a good daughter all these while.

On another note, my nieces though..

Rania recognizes me now, which is such a relieve! She's also old enough to Skype, so I can see her more...

This little munchkin however, is the total opposite to her sister. Such a heart-stealer, with her antics and charm. She. Just. Cannot. Stay. Still. 

I love them both the same, and always look forward to  spending time with them. Please don't grow up so fast! 

I wanna go back now....☹